Tommy Rock Janko Filipovic Alex Lucars S Y B E R I A Lineup
Tommy Rock Tommy Rock Janko Filipovic Janko Filipovic Alex Lucars Alex Lucars
  • Tommy Rock
  • Janko Filipovic
  • Alex Lucars

During 2015 musician and composer Janko Filipovic after many experiences of several music extraction starts to write new material just for personal satisfaction. Old friend and bassist Morris Kane will convince him to create a band that in the first time played a New Wave sound with punk and gothic influences. In this line-up there was Sergi Lancelong as drummer, Morris Kane on the bass and Janko in the role of guitarist and vocalist. The name of the band was Kult of Wolves but after some months with the entrance of the new guitarist Paul Cardy it will change in Sevenhead Serpent; anyway this period will end in few time because Janko was not happy with the musical result too Hard Rock oriented and so he dismisses both the drummer and the guitarist replaced by Steve Sopran on the drums (that will abandon the project shortly) and the keyboardist Tommy Rock, the latter also Janko’s best friend since childhood. We are in September of 2017 and this move in fact will determine the actual birth of those we know today as S Y B E R I A, but not before saying goodbye to Morris Kane that though remaining within the band as a motivating figure, decides to give up the project to devote himself to something else. The band now named Zeitgeist will see then Janko Filipovic as vocalist and bassist and Tommy Rock to the keyboards and to the synthesizers, thus shifting the sounds to purely electronic territories that will give life to a personal and original sound, cold, very melancholic and romantic and therefore referable to the whole Wave scene of the 80s. In April 2018 then the definitive turning point with the entry of drummer Alex Lucars, friend and now third vertex of a band on the launching pad. Rebaptized as S Y B E R I A, and never name was so appropriate, the band starts its live activity and exactly one year later, in April 2019, it plans the recording of the first EP entitled Visions. On the horizon the future now seems as glacial as the snowy deserts of Siberia, and as rosy as the romantic and sensual sky of Miami. To Be Continued…