Composing music for me has never been a show of virtuosity, a narcissistic self-centeredness or an ultimate goal. Composing music since I was a child for me means making my emotions real and telling them, giving them a material form as much as possible, a face that makes possible the bridge between this reality and the other, more obscure and imperceptible, inscrutable. The most difficult obstacle has always been to break down the wall of rationality and make even the most skeptical believe that yes, we can dive into another dimension, the oneiric dimension where everything is possible, and enjoy its fruits. If we truly believe it, it will exists and comes to life; what does it matter whether in this world or in the head? The spirit can indeed have its own world, just free it and let it go there. Only then can we live another life, parallel, fantastic. And SYBERIA is another life… in another galaxy, light years away from here and yet reachable. It’s like some kind of magic, we can’t ask too many questions; not always there is an answer to everything. Close your eyes then, breathe deeply and abandon yourself to your dreams, to those lights that advance from your mind. And let the journey begin. When everyone will have understood then, yes! …my word will be done. And SYBERIA will be eternal, not only for me but for everyone because SYBERIA is not a man’s name but a totem that has accepted the burden of this task. Once everyone has found and accepted their own we will be free to be able to howl in the sky and break the chains.

Janko Filipovic, 2018