Recorded during April 2019 at Black Tape Studio, Rome.

Mixed by Valerio Londini and Marco Mantovani, mastered by Marco Mantovani.

Titles and lyrics written by Jan Filipovic.

All musics written by Jan Filipovic, except for "Out of the Shadow" written by Syberia.

Arrangments by Tommy and Jan Filipovic.

All songs performed by Syberia.

Artwork and graphic illustration by Bruno Ferraro and Jan Filipovic.

Cover photography by Giuseppe Trogu and Jan Filipovic.

Released 24th July 2019.

Tracks and Lyrics
  1. Beyond Lushàn
  2. Love Like Death
  3. Dear Luna
  4. Out of the Shadow Play song Pause song
  5. Too Cold
  6. Great and Black Wolf Says
  1. Jan Filipovic: voice and bass guitar
  2. Tommy Rock: keyboards and synths
  3. Alex Lucars: drums and percussions